The Kapow Story

“Possibly the most sublime chaos I’ve heard for a long time. Equal parts olde-school prog, sophisticated math-tronica and chip-tune madness, this album is a joyful assault on the senses.” – Art Of Bleep, PBS Radio Station


Mr Kapow is the musical alias which Fabian Acuna goes by for all his electronically produced music. Having released one album, he continues to use the name to release new works that he is experimenting on with acoustic/electronic productions. 

Most recently, he has started working on performing his work live in party contexts to bring about eccelctic experimental dance music to the Melbourne scene. Working with such musicians like Lindsay Deppeler and Curtis Reardon, the musical eclipse of the weird and strange come through in a solid heart pounding beat.

Mr Kapow has also started working on video game soundtracks with one in production at the moment, going by the name of Project Era.